November 2016 Good News Food Drive

Baptist Heating & Air is teaming up with Mcgreggor Road Baptist Church to collect food for Good News Mission from now until November 20th. Donations of dry and canned goods can be dropped off during normal business hours at Baptist Heating & Air Inc.  5236 S.Concord St, Indianapolis, Indiana 46217 on the southwest side, and Mcgreggor … [Read more…]

Keep it running!

As the temps have dropped, we have had some calls from customers asking what the best settings are for their systems.  They have asked if their system should be running non stop.  And many more questions.  Let me make some statements to help. 1.  Anytime you know temperatures are going to drop below ten degrees … [Read more…]

Fall is Here! Get your system Checked

Temperatures are starting to drop, it is about time to turn on your Furnace, or your Heat Pump.  Before you do, it is a good idea to have us come out and look your system over.  If your gas furnace is less than 10 years old, it has many safeties on it that will keep … [Read more…]