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repairing hvac



Remember, this may be routine for you, but the homeowner is in distress. He or she wants you to listen and respond to his/her requests, assure him everything will be okay, act professional, understand that he is uncomfortable and worried, and most of all, do what you say you’re going to do.

Identify If Customer Is New Or Existing

I’m sorry to hear that. Let’s make them go away. Can I get your name?

Be sympathetic, cheerful, and confident

Mr./Mrs./Ms.(Last Name), have we done work for you before?

Ask ALL Customers if they have checked:

  1. Filter (most common problem)

  2. Switch

  3. Fuse breaker

  4. Stat (sometimes they need batteries. Not always. If we installed stat, most likely it does not need batteries)

  5. Turn off AC from the thermostat/fan on

  6. We need to get inside the house (they or someone must be home at all times)

  7. New
  8. Existing

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