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Rob Horton,  founder of Baptist Heating & Air Inc.,  is the grandson of Myron Horton & Robert Wiggington.  The former started Horton’s Welding Service on the southside of Indianapolis, and the latter was a Great Union Ironworker.  Both men were geniuses in their own right. Both were also perfectionists, mechanics, carpenters, concrete workers, gardeners, lawyers, and appliance repairmen.  These two men could fix about anything!  And even though they had some different philosophies, one was a staunch Republican, and the other a staunch Democrat.  They both seemed to draw the good stuff out of each. One saved everything, and the other shared everything….. etc.

As a business owner, I believe that the companies in an area exist for the benefit of the local citizens. Yes, we set out to make a profit, but we believe that profit is not the only driver for a business. There was a day in our country when the milkman would take an elder persons trash out; a woman wouldn’t have to pump her own gas; and when you bought something you didn’t have buyers remorse regularly.  So, we do what we do, because, we believe as an American business, we can be a company that people can count on to be fair.  We strive in a day when no one seems to care, to buy American when possible; and nowadays that often means “North American.”  We just think in a time where financial problems are all around, it would just be best to earmark our dollars toward our closest neighbors. No offense to others in other countries, we think you should sell your great products to your closest neighbors also. We believe these things, because we are green!  Why spend all that gas, and effort to ship stuff across the world, just sell it to your neighbors.

My grandfathers did not get to see the realization of Baptist Heating & Air as an HVAC company employing multiple people. But it was them spending time with me as a young child, and allowing me to watch them at their trades that inspired me to work. I hope more fathers will do that type of thing.  Many times I would see them work without hourly bounds, 24/7.  That type of ethic needs to come back to America.

Lastly, I want to thank the Lord Jesus Christ who saved my soul in 1983.  As a Christian, our company and all that we have is owned by Him anyway, so dedicating my company and effort to him is hardly a sacrifice.  As we work day by day, 365 days a year, we endeavor to please our maker.


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