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Plasma Generators

Posted on: April 24th, 2019 by Rob Horton No Comments
IWave plasma generator

Baptist Heating has installed quite a few plasma generators.

Plasma in it’s simplest form is oppositely charged hydrogen & oxygen ions, also called bipolar ionization. These naturally occurring ions are artificially produced when a the plasma generator produces a high voltage. The plasma is then injected into the HVAC air stream where it breaks down gases to harmless compounds such as oxygen, nitrogen, water vapor and carbon dioxide. In addition to the reduction of gases and odors, plasma also reduces particulates and kills mold, bacteria and virus because an ion cluster is formed around the particle which increases the size, and that allows your air filter to grab it out of the air!

Yes, we are told that Plasma Kills Virus, Bacteria and Mold

Positive and negative ions surround the pathogen. Next, the ions rob the pathogens of the hydrogen necessary for them to survive. During the final step, the ions eliminate hydrogen from the pathogen and then the cleansing process is complete, making the airborne virus, bacteria or mold spore inactive.

Great device to pair with an Accuclean

When a plasma generator is coupled with a great air cleaner, like the Accuclean even healthier air is produced!

Pathogens Captured

Mold Prevention
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