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American Standard Fully Modulating AccuComfort System

Posted on: January 26th, 2016 by Rob Horton No Comments

AccuComfort Heat Pump

American Standard Fully Modulating AccuComfort System

The American Standard Platinum Fully Modulating AccuComfort System is the most comfortable system that money can buy.  Not only does it make the climate in your house precisely as you want, it is also the most efficient HVAC system Ingersoll Rand has made to date.  From American Standard’s early beginnings, to purchasing Trane in 1984, American Standard has always been a trend setter.  Of course, there are lots of reason why our product is the best.  Let us mention a few:

  1. One of the main resources customers have used to determine “What to Buy” since 1936, Consumer Reports, almost always lists American Standard as the #1 HVAC product to buy, with Trane following usually just behind us.  We like to think it is because the American Standard group of dealers adds just a little bit more pizzazz to our installs.
  2. All of our Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps have several features that are not available on ANY other manufacturers products, such as Spine Fin, easy access service panels, and Duration Compressors
  3. AccuComfort systems can be zoned and fully modulated to give you the exact amount of air, heat, and cooling you need for 100% comfort!
  4. 10 Year Parts Warranties on all parts, and excellent craftsmanship combine for peace of mind, when these systems are installed; oops, these compressors actually get a 12 Year Warranty
  5. Our units have remarkable defrost systems that make sure our heat pumps don’t become blocks of ice, like the other popular brands made in Indy, that are moving to Mexico
  6. The AccuComfort System uses a durable weather resistant powder paint, they even paint the screws, you ask why do we mention it, instead, ask us to show you pictures of the other brands
  7. These Heat Pumps provide 80% of their capacity down to outdoor temperatures of 17 degrees.  This is excellent considering most Heat Pumps usually stop producing efficiently at temperatures just under 30 degrees
  8. Our Platinum Furnaces meet the requirements needed for the IRS Tax Credit, have long lasting ignitors, the longest lasting control boards, durable heat exchangers, and the best variable speed ECM motors in the industry
  9. Nexia thermostats control our AccuComfort systems, which are cutting edge in technology with WiFi capabilities, Diagnostics, Color Screens, and Logging abilities

Don’t hesitate to ask us to come out for a no pressure quote on the Best System in the Industry



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