Fall is Here! Get your system Checked

Temperatures are starting to drop, it is about time to turn on your Furnace, or your Heat Pump.  Before you do, it is a good idea to have us come out and look your system over.  If your gas furnace is less than 10 years old, it has many safeties on it that will keep it from running “usually” if it is unsafe.  However it is still a good idea to have it checked out.  And we recommend ANYONE who has a gas furnace to have a carbon monoxide detector in either their living room or their bedroom.  Now concerning Heat pumps; many times people turn on their a/c’s in the spring to find that their compressor has went out during the winter.  You have three things you can do to avoid that happening with your system.  One, have us come out and check out your system, including the refrigerant charge to make sure you didn’t lose charge over the summer.  Number two, change your filter!  In the cold months, if you don’t change your filters, you cook the windings in your compressor.  Lastly, “be careful” and do not get burnt doing this, but once every few weeks during the winter it isn’t a bad idea to touch quickly the copper suction line which may get VERY hot, to make sure it is warm.  If it is ever cold or room temperature in the winter while the system is running, something is probably wrong, and you need to give us a call.  Enjoy the leaves turning.  See ya in Church.

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