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Complete Clean / Service / Maintenance

Complete maintenance is a service we offer using a checklist to help our technician check between 15-40 items on each system.  We also have regular items that we clean and service. Many companies offer a 12 point inspection, and are not willing to do any cleaning without an extra charge. We always clean the heating burners on furnaces that are 80% & 90% efficient furnaces. We generally also take the tops off your air conditioners as we clean them. Of course there may be exceptions, when there are no leaves, and it is obviously not necessary. When we do need to charge an extra fee to clean something like a blower wheel, or a secondary heat exchanger, or something else unusual, we won’t throw out a high price then work our way down; we will give you an honest price for the cleaning.  On Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps we check refrigerant charge with superheat and sub-cooling, which are the only approved method by EVERY manufacturer. We can even set up routine filter changes for you, so your system can truly be care-free.  We can keep you warm and cool!  Our Regular price for Scheduled Maintenance / Cleaning a Furnace, an Air Conditioner, or a Heat Pump is $100(unscheduled cleanings may be higher due to workload).  Call for discounts on multiple systems, civil servants, and senior citizens.

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