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Replacement Refrigerants, Good or Bad?

Posted on: August 24th, 2013 by Rob Horton No Comments

With summer in full swing, many customers are realizing that the government’s actions in reducing the amount of R22 refrigerant that can be made by the manufactures has really raised the price of R22 refrigerant.  So the question has become:is it okay to use the R22 replacement refrigerants? In short we say no.  Let us give you just a few reasons. It isn’t compatible with the refrigerant you have left (say your system holds 5 pounds, and you need 2) the three you have has to be recovered.  Then 5 pounds of the new stuff has to be put in.  If the contractor does put it in “on top” not only is it illegal, but voids any possible warranties you could have.  It cannot possibly work efficiently as two different chemicals made to do specific jobs have been mixed (think bleach and ammonia)

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